Coaching is an activity of guidance, preparation, support, and help in the transformation process. This online process, as its name suggests, is the activity performed in a non-face-to-face manner, that is, mediated by computer, tablet or similar. It happens when the professional and the client use a digital tool to carry out the session, either using text, video and/or voice resources.

Leaving your country is never easy. Adapting to other climates, other languages, other customs requires an enormous effort that for many, even if they want to, it is not an easy task. In addition, reaching a different environment influences the person’s situation, whether or not they have permanent documents.

The pressure that an undocumented person lives in a country like Switzerland, even though in Geneva the policy with undocumented people is very flexible, can cause serious problems of anguish and various psychological disorders.

Swiss society, due to its characteristics of demands and absolute respect for the privacy of each one, is a system that for a Latin, accustomed to easy and warm contact, can be disconcerting, causing strong feelings of loneliness and abandonment.

Seeking professional help in a difficult and challenging process is a smart and usually very effective alternative.
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