This is not a text about statistics or about rules of survival. It is more an outburst anguished of a human being.

We are at a time of global crisis. Interestingly, the size and intensity of the crisis will derive exclusively from our attitude towards the problem we face. So, probably, we are fucked up.

As in other moments of our history, the individual posture collectively added, will be the collective force that we can use as a barrier to contain the crisis.

Here in Switzerland, the state determination is a total blockade. Only essential community support services continue to function. Everything else is closed.

The Lockdown is almost complete.

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The intention of the state is not exactly to get people off the street. But avoid social contact. The virus that now attacks us has the human host as its known host. So, we are for the coronavirus, like Aedes Egipty is for dengue.

With an aggravating factor, Covid-19 kills or at least sickens its host.

Therefore, as well as campaigns to take care of the yard and avoid the dengue mosquito, now the campaign is to avoid the human of Covid-19. Literally, this campaign is not to protect you from the virus, but to protect others from the virus that we potentially carry.

For anyone of common sense, this information would be enough. But people of common sense, despite being the majority, are no more than 75% of the population. Let’s see what I mean by simple and bitterly charged examples.

I was born in 1976, I attended primary school in a municipal school (you can find this account in other posts). A school that, in late 1981 of the last century, was very busy and loaded with medical and health services to support students and the community.

We learned in primary school that we should wash our hands several times a day, especially before meals. We learned to brush our teeth after meals. We learned to bathe every day. Washing hands and brushing teeth were lessons given inside the classroom in a small sink that was available in the corner of the classroom.

Washing your hands, brushing your teeth and taking a shower (using the appropriate cleaning products) is as important or more than mathematics, text interpretation and geography.

We also learned where to build the artesian well in relation to the sanitary pit. We learned how to take care of life so as not to catch certain worms and infections. We learned the rudiments of community health and prophylaxis. We learned how vaccines worked, what they were, when they were to be taken, in what order and what the plague each was for.

Finally, we learned in a clear and engaging way, how the individual action of taking care of oneself resulted in gigantic community action for the preservation of life and its quality. We learned that in Manaus or Curitiba, whatever, everyone was being vaccinated, everyone was learning what they should do so that the community space was as favorable to life as possible.

I remember going to collect water from the sink, filter, and puddle to look under the microscope for the presence and amount of life in the droplets of each of the samples. Protozoa, bacteria, algae were all there, swimming ravenously in search of a digestive system to infect.

I was 10 years old, I was a little better than the average student, but I knew all this in “skinner mode on”. I was terrified of all this because I was biting my nails. So I thought I would be one of the first to die or catch one of those pests.

But, everything changed, after 2008, with the explosion of lack of reading and the growth of Pentecostal fundamentalism in Europe and the Americas, the planet was flat again and vaccines became a trick of the government (not everything is the fault of the biblical people, the lack of reading is the fundamental problem, it generates a lack of real criticism).

Thus, infantile paralysis, measles, and pertussis became the new fashion.

Problems that had been solved for a long time, thanks to the reading of a single and very outdated bibliography, started to cause less fear than the salt that covered Sodom (or Gomorrah, I never know).

The individual attitudes that generated a greater collective good, began, with the fear of the flu vaccine, to be gradually extinguished until, today, 12 years later, we start to have measles epidemics again.

Of course, I write this out of my enclosed grudge. I’ve been home with my family for two days. I went out twice to quickly buy things at the market (which is still open) whose shelves at the end of the day are empty and in the morning are replaced.

I write this from the height of my bitterness at seeing my neighbors ride their bikes and take the children to the playground.

I say this out of my indignation at the meeting my neighbor had with his friends on the porch. I say this from the top of the envy that I feel about the Paulistas and Cariocas gathered on the beach. I say this out of the anger I feel at Fakenews written on various blogs and irresponsibly shared on social networks by people who did not deign to open the link to see if they worked or are there to be readen.

I say this because what spreads the virus is the human being. An animal, or the only animal, petty, selfish and rude. I say that because, in the country with the second-best life quality in the world, people rush to empty the market shelves for fear of having to take a shower after shitting. But, these same people, when they are in the market, do not cover their faces when they sneeze or cough over their baby strollers.

I say this because I saw videos of Italians singing on their balconies. Calling on the humanity of its neighbors. Trying to call on everyone to become human again and fight together.

I say this because I saw satellite photos of Beijing without humans, with a clear sky. I saw the pictures of a Venice without humans, with translucent and clean water. I say this because I saw, with my dull brown eyes, the crows and squirrels in the center of Zurich, eating and strolling in peace.

Humans have no place in this world anymore.

Staying at home (maintaining a social distance) and maintaining adequate personal hygiene is just and is all we can do so that the human collective, even if we are not included in it, can prosper and move forward.

Raul de Freitas Buchi

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