One of the unmissable experiences for life is gratitude. She is really well into fashion, has space in TED, in churches and even who would say, in psychology!

It does not derive from the cheap view of the “half-full or half-empty glass,” but from the realistic conclusion that the simple fact of living is marveling. Whether by a creationist or an evolutionist view, the miracle of life rests on the fact that, through the act of something, electrochemical coincidences or a benevolent god, at some point, life became, and from there it exploded and proliferated.

From this point of view, the evolutionary explanation of life seems to be much more attractive. It would include an explosive beginning to the universe, a cosmological accommodation of matter, and the organization of the atmosphere and liquids so that life here on the planet could happen.

Apparently, it was about 8 billion years for the matter to be able to settle in perfect electrochemical conditions. So small protein clusters could begin to organize and then spend another 8 billion years improving their environmental skills so that in the last 10,000 years we get to where we have come.

And that is what my blog is about: life and living the life!