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The situation is very different in several places. In fact, the situation is as diverse as the individuals that our world inhabits are diverse. So, writing from here what I think about it is, in the final analysis, big nonsense.
Each lives his life and tries to make the most of it.

I remember other posts in which I consider with life this time of passage between the intrauterine and the process of returning to the ashes. This short period of time in which we move between learning, executing, teaching, and aging.

Each of us spends that time as we see it as possibly the best, each one lives as we can as we see it fits.

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Each one in his square, each one taking care of his own problems was already known in Greek antiquity, this was also understood in Roman antiquity. But that knowledge was lost with monotheistic religions. Basically, this was lost with the formation of the Christian Islamic culture that we live in today.

Of course, I know, Westerners live in Judeo-Christian culture. But, I’m sorry, Jews are not annoying and, based on, live their lives in peace without harassing the lives of others. The domination of the other and the physical intention over the life of the other is a legacy of Christianity and Islam, good or bad, I don’t know.

In these two religions, the ascension to the presence of god depends on whether you take your neighbor with you to havens or exterminate him. I don’t have the patience to search the books for exact quotes. But, fundamentally the idea is: either you convert the neighbor or the neighbor must cease to exist for the earth to be cleansed from sins.


Thus, since the invention of Christianity, the world no longer has peace between neighbors, bells ring hourly.

In the Roman empire, the rule was simple: Roman peace could be bought. If the tax was not paid, the bad payer would become a slave, if he paid correctly, he could go on living. The system worked for about 800 years in the west and 1500 in the east. Money is something that was produced from the individual or collective effort, whether it was invading kingdoms or planting. So, at the limit of what is rustic, plowing the land was possible to get somewhere, if there was no land, another country was invaded.

If you lived in ancient Rome, it started in Portugal and ended on the borders of Iraq. There, not everyone was happy, in fact, happiness had not even been invented. There, not everyone had a soul mate, in fact, this concept didn’t even exist. But in general, by paying your taxes and not creating problems for your neighbor, you could take your life until you were killed by an enemy or serious illnesses like flu, tetanus, scurvy or lice, in your twenties.


It took many months to get from one side of the Roman world to the other, so cholera or COVID-19 were not big problems, you died and that was it. The rebellions of slaves and unruly people were the great plagues of the empire. Other than that, circus and bread and everything were fine.

Egyptians adored Ra and his pantheon, Jews adored Jehovah, Greeks adored Zeus and his pantheon, and the Romans adored Jupiter and his pantheon. Everyone wore a petticoat because it was what they had, who had money and power wore a branch of laurel, otherwise, Friday was the day of Bacchus, orgy, and wine.

Of course, there were countless problems, life must be a pain. There were no memes or Tik-Tok (particularly, I don’t know how life was possible before that), so this is not an apology for Roman life. It is simply a reminder that meddling in the lives of others has not always been the standard of humanity.

Middle Ages

In fact, even during the Middle Ages, there was no such thing as meddling in the lives of others. This could end in death. The killing was not a big crime. Not kneeling before the king was a problem, but killing the doting neighbor was not a big problem.

Of course, when the churches understood that decreasing the number of people in parishes was a problem for collecting tithes, then killing became a problem.

You see, the lands didn’t always belong to the churches. It became a craze for the Christian church to “receive” land as a donation from kings and emperors back in the 600s or 800s after the zero years (also invented by Christians) of Christian timekeeping.

In fact, the Christian counting of time did not begin with the death of Jesus, but after several councils of the Christian church. So tithing was not always there, so life was not an asset either.

Well, that already shows how Christianity became, after the end of the Roman empire, the art of meddling in the lives of others. Even the timekeeping as we have today is more or less standardized according to the daily prayers of Christians. A bag of funky people who keep inventing fashion and wanting others to follow their standards.

We call this control.

A contemporary example of this control, coming from the Christian model, is the notion of Biopolitics brought by Foucault. It describes the current model of the Western world somewhat differently from the usual philosophy. Instead of Judeo-Christian, capitalist or communist, and other models, he uses the term Biopolitics. A government model based on Biological politics.

Biopolitics would be the process of relationship between state and population, developed from the control model of the Christian church but based on science. For example, if you don’t wash your hand after going to the bathroom, this is dirty with the other people at the table with you. If you don’t get the vaccines right, you, in addition to screwing with your life, on top of that, disrupt the process of humanity in general because it takes a plague, which could be extinct, for the next generations.

It is an exchange of life models, instead of Christian values, hygienic scientific values, and, instead of the controller of the process being the church and its door to heaven, the controller is the state and its agents. Thus, through biological arguments, and no longer religion, rules, and laws are created for the control of the population.


First, elements of standardization are created: piped water, sewage, births, deaths, life expectancy, quality of life, education, employability. All based on maintaining the “tithe”. Speeches and scripts for speeches always based on biological/scientific knowledge.

From these elements, parameters or metrics are created that define what is below, what is in the average, and what is beyond. This metric is used to calculate satisfaction with the control strategies designed by the state against its population.

The severity of biological damage of the element in the face of death, pain, and unwillingness to work defines the degree of mandatory exercise by the population. An example: the use of PPE’s in the workplace or the use of helmets to ride motorcycles.

Statistics and status

Statistics are created that demonstrate the status of these regulations by the population. Depending on how these statistics are, population management strategies (livestock) are used to make these numbers better or worse in the statistics.

Therefore, biological elements need to be quantifiable. So, happiness, joy, sadness, and love are outside this list of elements.

But the state, especially the modern state, already free from all forms of communism and commercialism is managed by human beings and, we know beforehand that they are managed by greed.

Therefore, the large groups of the pharmaceutical surgical industry and the construction industry, which are very rich, end up having a greater influence on the state’s strategies than the neighbor’s garden or yard can have.

Communism does not exist

(If you think that communism exists or existed at some point, you don’t know how to read or you are stupid, China is a capitalist state, as was the USSR. Venezuela and Cuba are also capitalists, unjust and cowardly, but yes, “State capitalisms.” Just like the United Arab Emirates, and even if the Cuban government says it’s communist, only a donkey to believe, especially while drinking rum and smoking a Cuban cigar with a Panama hat, exported by the Cuban government).

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With this, I want to make it clear that the state is the one who decides what the elements are, what the measurement tools are, and what strategies should be followed and that this state is decisively influenced by industries and large corporations.

See how cool, they profit a lot in countries with mixed capitalism between state and liberal capitalism. Countries like Brazil, which have market freedom, but the government is still the biggest buyer and the biggest seller, buy medicine ships, build a world of plumbing and highways.

However, these large capitalist groups reside in 100% liberal countries such as Switzerland and the USA, where their presidents and CEOs can take homeopathy and buy them at the pharmacy for their children.

Mint tea

Mint tea is an excellent remedy for worms and the digestive system. But, it is not part of any public health policy, our pots and gardens do not have capital funds to invest in lobbies with governments. In fact, if your doctor tells you to have a cup of mint tea a day for your gauze problem, you will be offended (cattle).

Just as it works like our mint pot, it works with homeopathy.

Homeopahty is accepted as public policy as long as it does not compete in the large laboratory market. So, countries like Brazil do not have access to industrialized homeopathic products that can be purchased in the USA, Switzerland, France or Germany at any pharmacy.

It is important for large capitalist groups that the Brazilian state, like other state capitalisms, buy products from certain conglomerates, instead of providing cheap homeopathy with no side effects for the population.

See, the medications of the big conglomerates work very well. They help to prolong life, without a doubt. I take my levothyroxine every day. But, they are not the only existing formula to solve problems.

Note the low rate of deaths from COVID-19 in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, look at the number of people who became ill, and the number of hospitalizations and deaths. There is a disparity between these figures and the rest of the world, and this is because in these countries the use of industrialized homeopathy covers more than 65% of the population.

Testing helps to regulate quarantine, but does not cure anyone.


When homeopathy is industrialized, the price is lower and it is possible to buy without a prescription at the corner pharmacy, without risk of side effects. Then, you contact the doctor and, if you are sick, the bottle goes straight to your home, if not, you run to the pharmacy and take it as prescribed by the doctor.

In fact, you don’t even have to be a doctor to prescribe, you just need to be a homeopath.

So, when I say that you are cattle, it is not because you voted for Cyclan or Beltran. It is because, regardless of what you believe, you have to operate your life according to the biopolitics determined by the big conglomerates. And, these management strategies are thought of exactly as cattle management is thought.

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