In COVID-19 Times

In COVID-19 times everything becomes a little in vain.

I am always full of plans and projects, I am always full of confabulations, tasks, and agendas. I work a lot in the restaurant and, in my free time, write for my blogs, help my mother with the company, look for project partnerships and create plans.

A busy and fast life that usually starts around six in the morning with my daughter’s coffee and goes on until midnight with my return home. Not unlike yours and the vast majority of non-billionaires. We, not billionaires, tend to have a life that doesn’t match quarantine and forced withdrawal.

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Of course, in those first 3 days, I had coffee on the balcony, studied German with my daughter recently arrived in Switzerland, enjoying the beautiful view of the greenish bumps. I have tea on the same veranda at the end of the day enjoying the sunset over Lake Zurich. Everything is very beautiful and pleasant.

But, I had a very nice meeting, about a possible even cooler partnership, for a very cool project, this Saturday, but it was canceled. It was left for that uncertain and invisible post-pandemic time. This forced braking of the world is quite unpleasant. Absolutely fundamental for us to maintain the concrete possibility of a post-world, but very boring.

When we go on vacation, we spend a period, often long, organizing and preparing the stop. Often the holidays end up being tiring due to tight schedules. But, in that curfew, in 3 days we were thrown in suspension. We were thrown into the house without notice.

The reality

There are no tours, no get-togethers, no trips. Getting outcomes down to the market and pharmacy.

In this impromptu stop, I reviewed my resume, today we cleaned the house, we drew, we played scope, MTG, we saw series, I am rereading some books and comic books. I am thinking of causing some intrigue among family members to cause arguments and reduce boredom.


I wrote a bitter text about the staff who do not comply with the quarantine and do not collaborate. I published but did not broadcast, very bitter.

I have also reflected on the possible breakdowns of the pandemic: dead, sick, unemployment, global financial ruin, misery, or, on the other hand, farce, normal continuity of life, cold war games, growth of retail out of fear, China.

Magic The Gathering

I feel like in a Magic The Gathering round, where I just played my round and I need to wait for the next players to unfold before I can make decisions. I know what I want and can do, but now it’s time for the other to play, I can only, if necessary, call on my defenses and wait for time to pass without losing focus and attention on the game.

Perhaps, wherever you are reading the post, the quarantine or the spread is not as severe. But here in Switzerland, it is, and it is a direct consequence of Italy’s explosive spread. Spain and France are also exploding and have severe quarantines.

At the time of writing, here in Switzerland, there are more than three thousand cases in a population of just under 9 million people in a country with a huge population density. The second-largest per-capita spread in this pandemic period.


This means that all appointments that are not linked to an emergency situation are automatically canceled. Of course, we exchanged messages and phone calls to clear events. I would have two medical appointments for check-up this week. The clinics called, asked if I had symptoms of CONVID-19, when I said no, they canceled. Duty calls them.

Thus, the process and sow the future is postponed. Very strange, but very real. It is true that, despite the huge number of contaminated and sick people that we will have next month, we will not have the same number of deaths that we had in 1918-20 with the Spanish Flu. However, some developments will be much more severe in the medium and short term.

Swiss small and medium-sized companies have mobilized with the government, requesting support funds so that they do not disappear during this period. The same is true in France, Spain, Italy and the rich brother, Germany. Small markets, sales, restaurants, factories and factories, even large industries are completely stopped.


SBB, the Swiss train and transport giant, has determined a change in the scales and displacements of public transport. It wants, in part, to reduce ghost trains and, on the other hand, to maintain the necessary organization and availability of public transport. SBB announced two records in January: Number of passengers and profit in 2019. Sweet irony for anarchists who hate it so much.

The loss in the first week of COVID-19 was CHF500,000.00 a day (something around R $ 25,000,000.00) and it had not even been decreed to lock the existence of its customers. Today I don’t know how things should be. But, if it is bad for SBB, imagine how it is for the Turkish market or for the pizzeria.

Legal employees registered and up to date with their rates will have their wages covered by unemployment insurance. But what about the other costs? And the spin? And the maintenance of the brand? What about the frontline customers, everyday customers? How to make? How to resist?

The First Combat

I also thought about what my doctor’s secretary said to me: “we need to deselect everything that is not emergency. We have to get the clinic ready for an emergency. We will be the second ‘impact’ line. The clinic where I would have my appointment is at Spital Linth. The referral hospital here in the region. Excellent by the way, it has more beds than the number of inhabitants in my city, therefore, it serves the entire region.

I read in the newspaper in the morning that in Switzerland we only have 160 more ICU beds. I think the secretary was referring to that. When the emergency room line is full, when the crisis is over, they will have to be strong, rested, healthy and with space. When there are no more beds.

I also read, but yesterday, that the Swiss army, the largest military contingent on the planet (two million people between assets and reserve) is heading to Ticino, on the border with Italy to set up field hospitals. None of this is Fakenews, I went to check.


With that kind of information, what to think about? What to plan?

A Facebook friend, very religious, published a psalm of the type “go through hell and not be burned”, or anything of Christians, more or less equivalent.

I immediately remembered the Black Death and the Christians decimated en masse because it was wrong to touch one’s own body and, therefore, to bathe and wash my hands. It wasn’t exactly the plague that was the problem, it was filth.

Thanks for reading, tomorrow I’ll write again.

Raul de Freitas Buchi

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