Latin America

A friend of my uncle’s cousin used, whenever we saw each other, to have the absurd refinement of saying that enthusiasm and outbursts were not welcome.

Today, as old as I am, I refer to him because, in those old days, his subjects, speeches and short speeches at the table revolted me.

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So the enthusiastic one was me, a 15-year-old, who thought the man was an idiot.

Time passes and, who knows me understand it, my enthusiasm is with books, in the real world, only a few things and people.

Today I agree with that man, enthusiasts must withdraw from the discussion. They must light torches, accumulate stones in their pockets, sharp swords and stones hidden in the corners, store glass bottles, buy kerosene at the gas station (it is more viscous and sticks).

Enthusiasts must prepare to revolution.

Impunity will prevail always!

It is the shit left as an heritage in Latin America that finish with the nations there.

No nation escaped.

They have been doing this since Simão Bolivar’s apocalyptic beast, and amazingly, you should know he was not a leftist or a socialist.

It was also only populist.

These Latin American left siders are country-dwellers, steal the country, expropriate their wealth, then kill the nation.

I quote, for those who have patience, an excerpt from Simão Bolivar himself, anticipating the fruits he had sown:

“… I ruled for 20 years, and of these I obtained only certain realities:

1 – South America is ungovernable, for us;

2 -Those who make a revolution plow the sea;

3 -The only thing you can do in Latin America is to emigrate;

4 – These countries will incredibly fall into the hands of the disorderly masses, and then they will, almost imperceptibly, pass into the hands of petty tyrants, of all colors and races (how many times it happened????);

5 – once we have been devoured by every crime and extinguished by absolute cruelty, Europeans will not even consider that we are worthy of being questioned;

6 – If it were possible for any part of the world to return to primitive chaos, it would be Latin America in its final state. ”

No further.

Raul de Freitas Buchi

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