This is my website!

The idea here is to create a connection between things I love and the world.

First of all, is Psychology. I work since 2001 as a Cognitive-Behavior Therapist and this brilliant and objective Psychology Branche has always surprised me.

This experience I share through the blog, sharing small and smart tips to the day-by-day self-development. Sometimes in Portuguese and English, sometimes in only one of these languages. A good example of themes brought in this blog is the process of choice (or “decision making”, as we call it in cognitive psychology).

It implies predicting a future that starts from one’s choice. And therefore, mentally anticipating the outcome of what one chooses is an inseparable part of the process of choice. This, and much more you will find here.

The second is a passion for Photography. Since 1996 I walk around my world with a camera in front of my eyes. My two favorite themes are the Atlantic Rain Forest in Brazil and Switzerland. 

The Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil spread over the mountains, plateaus, and the coast. Facing the relation between the South America Continent and the Atlantic Ocean, forging wonderful landscapes, rivers, and forests. In Switzerland, the spectacular landscapes formed by the plateaus spread around the Alpine mountains, with its forests and lakes and summits, but also, her history and traditions…

In the Grandefocal website, we will find three of my major photo collections: Switzerland and Her Castles, Switzerland Landscapes and, A mata e o Rio (the forest and the river). 

The third passion showed in this website is Switzerland by itself. The small wonderful and most liberal country in the world, full of history, democracy, culture, and … Landscapes.

Also shown in a colorful illustrated and full of tips blog, Switzerland appears here in her historic, politic, enterpriser and, of course, secret spots for tourism, points of view.