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I’ve always loved comic books. I am sure that the constant presence of HQ’s in my life, helped me to be a person with more clarity and more criticism about life. I started early, with the classic Monica’s Gang and Disney Comics. In pre-adolescence, in the middle of the 80s, I met through my parents, the most critical comics: bubble gum (by Angeli), pirates of the tietê (by Laerte), Geraldão (by Glauco).

In fact, I learned a lot from Geraldão. Unnecessary but illustrative comment.

Leia aqui em português.

Mônica’s Gang and Disney lost a little context at that time and were replaced by the violence and sensuality of the superhero HQs: Batman, Spiderman, Wolverine, and The Punisher. I read Batman and Spiderman to this day. The magical triad Angeli, (a) Laerte and Glauco (deceased and loved) introduced me to journalism as a critique and interpretation of the world, the pleasure of receiving the printed newspaper on paper, in the office and updating myself with the news!!! The then-loved Folha de São Paulo.

Today I no longer read printed newspapers, only Twitter. And I no longer read Folha, I read the Swiss newspapers. But Laerte fills my Twitter with criticism, ideology, intelligence, and engagement. I follow a bunch of good designers and comic drawers. Today, I continue to read Brazilian artists and designers who shaers online their concept, intelligence, and criticism. Laerte remains an inexhaustible source of reflection with its comics and recommendations.

Because of Laerte, I also follow a lot of people engaged in gender struggles (incidentally, I suggest the film about Laerte on Netflix). Nice, sharp, intelligent, and warrior people. People so rebellious and so dissatisfied with the world that they are not subject to their own gender, and due to the tone and content of the conversations, they will tear down walls. With reason.

I was born in Brazil and I never identified with “being Brazilian” (I am shy, introspective, I don’t know how to dance and I don’t have a “way”, nor malleability), I always felt like a fish out of water. I got to know Switzerland and found my place of belonging. I moved and, despite the difficulties (life is always difficult, I said in other posts), I feel part of the world.

And, if I can move towards my identity context, everyone can. It must!

The battle of LGBT+ minorities is not something I can write about it as a psychologist. It is not my area of ​​expertise, I do not have the resource of technical language to write without hurting delicate and crucial points in the battle. So, without any irony, I don’t know how to apply the articles, what terms apply to each identity group within that acronym.

So, instead of writing about the LGBT+ minority, I’m going to write about the other side. I will write about the cis supremacy scam. I will write about hetero-normative, childish, and wanky conservatism.

Yes, wanker. Brazil is one of the countries that most produces and consumes pornography. What do you think the cis male guys receive so much in whats-up groups?

Pornography: Photos, GIF’s, videos. Pornography.

Nothing against. I think that in the experience of sexuality, if you are hired and agreed, respecting the contract, anything goes. Even a little party towards the drain.

Within this framework of pornography, Brazil is the country that most consumes gay and transsexual pornography. In other words, Brazil is the country that most watches porn with transvestites.

In fact, my conservative Curitiba was, until recently, the city with the highest number of transsexual prostitutes per-capita in the country that most consumes pornography with transvestites.

Remembering my human sexuality classes at the university, the social group that tends to be a client of transvestites prostitution is married men. In reports brought by the professionals themselves at the time, in most programs, they were active for their passive customers.

Anyway, as my daughter says, hypocrisy.

Full identification with the gender of biological origin is not a privilege. It is a coincidence between a cultural subjection and a biological fit. And this weak coincidence is called the cisgender. The person who identifies itself with the biological gender. Someone who undergoes the process of cultural subjection and, coincidentally, fits into that which is the fusion of biological gender with the cultural criteria or definitions of a given gender.

The cis hoax has degrees within each gender. And yes, it is a scam because it is a cultural convention, and a cultural contract, as well as money and nationality, are also conventions.

The biological features of gender are easily identifiable in almost all species of mammals. But the cultural and social criteria linked to the formation of gender identity are marked very weakly and, almost exclusively, in the dominant male (who tends to live shortly). The other members of the social group (when it exists) end up forming an indistinct mass outside the periods of reproduction and territorial dispute.

Thus, in individual development, each one of us, within the personal possibilities of subjection, acquires traces of an idea of what it is to “be” or “belong” to a certain biological gender. This acquisition is a set of behaviors, a repertoire incorporated into personal schemes. The more of this water we can drink and keep repeating as a pattern, the more identified we become with this genus. We will fit the culture into the biological within what is possible.

For a non-overwhelming majority, this fit is 60% effective. For a minority, this fits 100%, identity and body meet. For the others, the edges are many, poking and hurting, identity and body do not meet.

It is often possible to have a long beard and to wear a nice suit, but to have a vagina and to have sexual attraction and love for men, giving birth to a beautiful baby. It is often possible to have shapely, shaved legs with floral dresses and still have a large penis and be horny for women, but just love men.

This friction between the biological body and cultural subjection very occasionally forms a cis subject. A subject fully identified with his biologically attributed sexuality. But, with 17 years of psychology, I can categorically assure you that this is a shoot in the dark, a rarity.

The first point of this is that the spontaneous tendency of sexuality is fluidity. In other words, more than being straight, bi, or homosexual, when cultural barriers (guilty and fears) are removed, sexuality tends to flow more with the passion of the moment than with a pre-shaped and stereotyped force. Therefore, when the prefrontal area of ​​the brain, responsible for the moderation of social behavior, drinks too much or sniffs too much, it ends up sliding fluidly between sexual acts.

But this is not a question of gender, it is a matter of sexual practice or sexuality.

In any case, it efficiently illustrates how much this whole discussion is due to a state of repression of certain behavioral repertoires and the acquisition of others. And, within the framework that comprises the human, cis is the one with the shortest repertoire, least capacity for fluidity. As the repertoire is shorter, the social skills that result from the execution of existing behaviors within this repertoire are also less. Therefore, he is less socially skilled in these aspects. Hated is the most effective tool.

It tends, more often, to have less empathy and less ability to understand the other person’s situation. Thus, it tends to be more “istc” than the other groups. The cis genre is narrow in its repertoire and in its conduct. In general, the result of a misogynist education, he ends up even seeing other tones of gender, such as, for example, a less-caricatured male-ale man, as immediately homosexual or something to be avoided.

So, it is not enough to be a man or a woman (whatever that means), one must also be straight-convincing. You have to show the other human being that you are cis and convince him of that. In addition, it is necessary to miss a part of the great party of life. Communion is a great celebration of life. Loving your neighbor as yourself is a great celebration of life.

The gender cis learns to disidentify itself from the other gender and, often to hate it and see it as inferior, something to move away from. In order to be “fully” male, you must not be a woman at all and vice versa. Thus, the bonds formed by empathy, the natural and spontaneous fruit of living with others, are lost. All people who are in less rigid degrees of sexuality or gender are outside communion and the specters of welcoming, exchanging, and fraternizing.

So it is possible for the cis to beat the homosexual or transgender child to death. There are more proximity and identification with the male dog than with the gay son.

Now amazingly, such a strong formation of cis identification is rare and only happens to a minority of the population. In general, people who have a strong connection with dominant monotheistic religions, military activities, or simply repressed. The vast majority of people recognized as cis do not have such a narrow and rigid repertoire in early adulthood, but they become stiffer over the years. Intolerance increases with age (always and for everything, I can’t tolerate Brazillian country music !!!).

But, the hate is not there. Who is there, for an overwhelming majority of the cis population, is to abstain from responsibility for the feeling of the other. Empathy exists, but omission and lack of engagement win. The search for peace through omission.

In contrast, hatred makes much more noise than peace.

I give a simple example. I cut my hair for a while with a transgender woman (a person who was born in the biological body with male genitals and discover herself as a woman in the course of life’s possibilities). She worked in this popular salon in downtown Curitiba. Certainly, many people passed by and saw what it was about and went to live their lives, and in peace, silence reigns. Many people cut their hair with it, but in peace, silence prevails. One day, a convincing, hate-filled straight cisgender made a shack in the salon and the professional lost her job. A hater and his noise.

The number 1 represents the minority in a group with more than two. 1 is cis narrow and hate-filled gender, 1 has gender or sexuality in different patterns of gray, and 3 are half-fluid CIS of the type: “no-talk-discuss-about-that” (the famous omission that “I didn’t know about the gas chamber”). The hateful 1 CIS makes noise and builds the gas chamber, 1 suffers from social hate and 3 lets the gas enter the chamber.

It is cis that we have to talk about, not LGBT+ minorities. It is cisgender which blocks the exercise of the fluid life of others, it is about cisgender we must speak about. Those who are in a beautiful battle for their social space (LGBT+), whatever it may be, must be supported, welcomed. Those who block the flow of life must be re-educated.

But this is an opnatic text. Inspired by the year 2020, the year in which many people died of hatred. Many people died from the inability of a particular group to control their own hatred. 2020 is being the year with the highest crime rates against women, against blacks, against trans people. 2020 is being the year of hatred.

The remedy for hate is education.

Raul de Freitas Buchi