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This notion that everything has its drawer, therefore, clear, organizable, suitable, and adjustable limits, may be useful for material things, socks, shirts, cutlery. But when we think about the dynamics of life processes, there is no point where an end ends and a new beginning begins. Both are merged into a continuous and indissoluble amalgam.

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The question and justification for this struggle are that the determination of the rules to social boundaries is arbitrary in relation to the individual. Being born without arms is not a personal choice. Worse, many of these arbitrarinesses are not even differentiating or harmful elements in themselves, they are pure prejudice and cowardice, being black, being poor, being fat, being a woman.

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Fear, potency, and reaction

Each life needs to be observed and evaluated individually. That is, the pain of each one must be understood as the pain of each one. Therefore, the sieve that measures one person is not meant to measure another. The small genetic and historical variations that each of us carries are large enough that each one needs to be understood within its own reality.

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Why is it so hard to change?

Thus, teaching the body, the brain that there is a pressing need is a good tool for change. We do this constantly in fitness and sports training. We glimpse the suffering of defeat, we glimpse the joy of victory and pondering this equation we find the pressing need for change: more training.

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Rejection and affective neediness

A transformative approach comes with the phrase “you suffer too much, you need to change,” that is, “we accept you, but we worry that you suffer so much.” It can bring about the freedom needed for more effective experimentation of the environment, strengthening bonds with more functional beliefs and, most importantly, extinguishing reserves that can be maintained and will sustain a relapse.

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