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I write here, with great affection for all the patients I attended in my career as a psychologist. I write here to all my friends and friends of friends. I write here for my daughter, my mother, and my wife. I am disgusted and the text is long and loaded.

The situation is too serious and sensitive to be treated lightly with spontaneous Facebook posts. So, I decided to write a more dense and well thought out text on the blog. I don’t know if it will be good, but I hope you will at least offer my real condolences, my thirst for justice, and my indignation.

Leia aqui em Português.

Let’s start with the obvious: “there is no wrongful rape”.

So, starting with the obvious, I am in favor of total castration for sexual crimes. The gonads and the penis must be removed from the body of the convicted criminal. And he must watch while the pigs in the pigsty bask in their appendages.

For me, a racist should get kicked in the mouth until his teeth are gone and sex offenders should be castrated. I’m not a judge or a lawyer, so I don’t know if my wishes are part of a legal possibility or not. But I am a psychologist (I no longer work, but it is difficult to get the forest out of the Mogli) and as such, I have no neutrality, I have a side that I support, accept and, together, sadden and suffer, seeking justice and recovery.

Over the course of my 17 years of practice, I have seen countless victims of sexual violence. Victims of grandparents, parents, uncles, stepparents, alcohol. Victims of friends, victims of good night Cinderella and etc. I guarantee that the dark alley is not the place where the danger lies, but at home, in the home, among the “loved ones”, in the security space.

I believe that, in Brazil, there is no woman, transgender and homosexual who has not experienced any form of sexual abuse. From the jokes, the hands-on carnival, to immolation and rape, I think that no one of these groups goes through life unharmed. The abuse is fateful, it is eminent for these groups. It is a present and perennial truth.

Although machismo (the main cause of this social disease) is present to a greater or lesser extent everywhere in the world, the certainty of punishment, the certainty of justice ends up making some countries safer and more respectful places. But even in Islamic countries, even in wild tribes, even in times of war, sexual violence is not or was comparable to the levels of madness experienced in Brazil.

So, nowhere on the planet, at any time in history, so many sexual crimes are committed as in Brazil, with such certainty of impunity and with so much social support. Neither in barbaric times, nor in times of Roman wars was the insecurity about the body itself so great. Brazil is experiencing a kind of concentration camp for impunity. There are no more crimes to be punished, no matter what instance of the trial is reached.

In a situation like this, we can say that Brazil has become an abusive nation. If we take into account crimes other than crimes of a sexual nature, it becomes even more evident. In this nation of abusers, of criminals, the victim is to blame.

“He left the purse open”, “He put his wallet in his back pocket”, “who told you not to have insurance”, “With these photos on Instagram, it couldn’t be different”, “where it was seen, at that age, go alone bank “,” how is it that there is no security code in Whats-up “.

Phrases of this nature, so commonplace in our judgments about victims, clearly demonstrate a collective distortion of values. A collective distortion of beliefs. We turn victims into culprits, we carry responsibility and guilt for the intent of the abuser to the victim.

With these phrases it is possible to illustrate this inversion of beliefs, it is no longer believed that the victim is the one who suffers. But rather, that the victim, for not following certain avoidant patterns of behavior (which do not work), is responsible for the crime. The victim is the agent responsible for the crime. Thus, we think that we talked in the bar, so does the policeman who investigates, the prosecutor who accuses, the jurors who condemn and the judge who determines the penalty.

15 years ago, while I was paying a bank account (on the ground floor of the building where I had my office) they entered my office and stole my PC. I took the images from the camera and went to the police. The clerk asked me three questions: “Do you know where to find this person?”, “Did you leave the door unlocked?”, “Don’t you have a secretary?”

With these three questions, instead of being a victim of theft, the police made me responsible for the crime. The donkey that left the door unlocked.

And this is not a current thing, my maternal grandfather had a saying that you may know: “go the rings and keep the fingers”. This saying is typical for the victim, for the person who “went limp”, who “went limp”, he says: “conform, you lost what you built”.

Subject to due proportions, sexual crimes are the same. A scrutiny

io about the victim is done, her life is debauched, opened, torn and, all questionable points are used against her and in favor of the rapist. This, in turn, has its identity protected and protected, and its privacy and history are protected from the public.

There is no culpable rape, as there is no culpable portfolio theft, as there is no diversion of culpable hospital funds.

Crime is always willful, there is always the intention to cause harm. Accidents are not willful.

I cannot understand, I cannot accept this transformation of the victim into a responsible person in any situation and in any type of crime. The victim is innocent, whoever commits the crime is the actor of barbarism. He decides for the harm to be done to others.

In the case of “good night Cinderella” there is even prior planning. The transport of the drug that was bought in advance was given to the victim under the discourse of flirting, of good conversation. There is a voluntary and planned break of positive bonds that are being created with the victim.

How revolting that is.

In Curitiba there is a kind of tradition, throwing chemical powder from an extinguisher at transvestites who prostitute themselves on the street. In Curitiba, transvestites who make programs are killed. This means that the subject (usually a man) marks the program, is received as a client and breaks that bond, committing barbarism. And the newspaper publishes the prosecutor’s interview: “She prostituted herself, she knew about the risk”.

Inversion of guilt.

And what impresses me most is the absolute lack of self-criticism. The judicial system, imbued with the function of repairing the social damage suffered, makes fun of and disregards the pain and suffering of the victim. It uses shallow subterfuge and hate speech to invoke a false moral about the victim’s behavior. The judge still needed to ask: “why did you fall asleep after inadvertently consuming the drug?”, “Why do you use the fruit of your body as you please?”.

But I emphasize again, the situation experienced by this girl, in this judgment, is only one of the events. The mystification of crime, guilt and deceit in Brazil is a chronic and permanent problem. A continuous problem since the time of the empire and of the friends of the King of Portugal. And I say more, the impunity characteristic of this morality of blaming the victim, is an irreparable morality.

There is no hope for change.

At the age of 44, who I am now, I watched countless caudinlhos and FernandoCollors riding their horses on the correction of the country’s moral paths, all barbarians disguised by Enlightenment speeches. We have seen this recently, entire parties being elected in order to rebuild morality in politics and, in 60 days of power, all of this going down the drain. In Brazil, crime always pays and will always pay. And, excuse me, false patriot, this only exists in Brazil.

In such low terms, as personal, as filthy as these, it only exists in Brazil.

How sad and revolting this is.