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Pos-pandemic society

On the other hand, nothing has changed in the basic order, more than that, it has been achieved. Whatever happens, the rich have become richer and social inequality has increased. This gives rise to the gospel of the total economy: empires can collapse, only the power of capital is reliable, that is the only salvation

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The fool

The reason used for this common will, the evaluation must be the technical rationalizations arising from the free thought of the fear of the gods: accounting, auditing, the legal, the forms of rationalization of governmental knowledge, among them, the bio-politics is that they should serve as a ruler of good government. All added together in an idea of ​​truth and a discourse on the truth of the state of the government. And, based on this rationality rationale, there are no truths or points of view, but a single truth, such as that of 2 + 2 = 4.

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The cis scam

So, it is not enough to be a man or a woman (whatever that means), one must also be straight-convincing. You have to show the other human being that you are cis and convince him of that. In addition, it is necessary to miss a part of the great party of life. Communion is a great celebration of life. Loving your neighbor as yourself is a great celebration of life.

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A farsa cis

Então, não basta ser homem ou mulher (seja lá o que isso quer dizer), é preciso ser também hétero-convincente. É preciso mostrar para o outro ser humaninho que se é cis e convencê-lo disso. Além disso, é preciso perder uma parte da grande festa da vida. A comunhão é a grande festa da vida. Amar ao próximo como a si mesmo é a grande festa da vida.

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Essa noção de que tudo tem sua gaveta, portanto limites claros, organizáveis, cabíveis e ajustáveis, talvez sirva para as coisas materiais, as meias, as camisas, os talheres. Mas quando pensamos na dinâmica dos processos da vida, não há um ponto onde um fim termina e o recomeço inicia. Ambos estão fundidos em um amálgama contínuo e indissolúvel.

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This notion that everything has its drawer, therefore, clear, organizable, suitable, and adjustable limits, may be useful for material things, socks, shirts, cutlery. But when we think about the dynamics of life processes, there is no point where an end ends and a new beginning begins. Both are merged into a continuous and indissoluble amalgam.

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The question and justification for this struggle are that the determination of the rules to social boundaries is arbitrary in relation to the individual. Being born without arms is not a personal choice. Worse, many of these arbitrarinesses are not even differentiating or harmful elements in themselves, they are pure prejudice and cowardice, being black, being poor, being fat, being a woman.

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